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Looking for the Best Med Spa in Sarasota - Here's What You Need to Know

A Medical Spa (sometimes referred to as a Med Spa or an Aesthetic Medical Practice) is the ideal source for more vibrant, beautiful, healthy, nourished and younger-looking skin. It’s never too early — or too late — to give your face some med spa TLC!

However, finding the best med spa in Sarasota can be easy to research by reading the Google reviews. When the majority of Reviews (more than 90%) are positive, that is a very good sign and worth trying.

When looking for a high quality Med Spa with competitive pricing and high quality service, these are the Five major things to consider:

1. Experience

When it comes to choosing a med spa, you want to know that the professionals who work there have had extensive training and and have achieved great results. Many years of experience is a plus!

2. Consultation

A Med Spa should offer you complimentary consultations before AND after as needed for specific treatments.

3.  Reviews

It is important to read as many reviews as possible. Usually one or two bad reviews is not a big factor if they are outweighed by an abundance of good reviews. Google is a good place to research reviews.

4. Selection

The best way to ensure that a med spa is going to fit your needs is by confirming that they offer a wide selection of products and treatments. For example, they should offer botulinum type A injections (e.g. Dysport®), numerous skin and lip fillers (e.g. Restylane, Radiesse, Lyft, etc.), vitamin injections, topical creams, serums and more. Of course, it goes without saying — that all products must be medical grade, and meet the highest standards for efficacy, purity and safety.

5. Pricing

When researching pricing on treatments, one may Google “What is the average price of Botox or Dysport for 3 areas in Sarasota?  The answer is usually somewhere between $500 and $750. Bowtox Boutique Med Spa has about 25% lower prices than most other med spas in the Sarasota area with pricing between $349 and $449.

“What is the average price of Fillers in Sarasota? The answer is somewhere between $600 and $850. Our price on Fillers are between $399 and $599.

Bowtique Med Spa: The Best Med Spa in Sarasota!

At Bowtique Med Spa, we proudly deliver on ALL of the above without exception:  
  1. We have a double board certified plastic surgeon as our Medical Director and all of our medical practitioners are highly qualified and trained physician assistants and/or nurses with decades of combined experience.

  2. We gladly offer you two free consultations: one before you schedule your treatment or procedure, and one after your treatment if needed.

  3. We have a growing list of glowing testimonials and 5-star reviews from real clients.  

  4. We offer a large selection of products and treatments. We offer you customized solutions that specifically target your goals to meet your preferences at the most competitive prices in the area.  

To learn why many people consider us the best med spa in Sarasota call

(941) 360-BTOX (2869) or book online now.




Mission Statement:
With thoughtful prices, a wonderful spa
atmosphere & experienced injectors, we make
you feel important & appreciated. Our 5 Star
reviews make us the number 1 choice
among our clients.

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